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I’m sure you must have heard of Ethereum (a cryptocurrency) where people are making millions from because the value keeps increasing

To buy 1 ethereum now cost over $300.
Now imagine.. you have 500 ethereum, multiplied by $300
How much is that? isn’t that fantastic?

The bad news not everyone can afford to buy 500 ethereum but,

The Good news is…!!!

Forsage gives you that opportunity to acquire Ethereum now in a simple way

With Forsage you can earn up to 1000 ethereum , isn’t this amazing!

Thanks to Forsage!

Forsage gives you that opportunity to acquire Ethereum now in a simple way with Forsage you can earn up to 1000 Ethereum , isn’t this amazing!
Sample of the dashboard of some  members that have earned even without a single referral

Why this smart contract?


Small Start Up


Instant payout directly to your wallet


Unlimited income potential, you can earn 1000 eth & keep earning


No worry about hackers or scam


Earn even while sleeping

Meet Some Members

How to Get Started

01. Step One

Set up Your Wallet

Go to Playstore, download Trustwallet App(for Android users)
If you use iPhone download Token pocket App

After you download your app, click “create wallet” and write your “12 words phrase” and keep it safe.

02. Step Two

Fund Your Wallet

Registration fee for Forsage is 0.05eth but it is advised to fund your wallet with 0.09eth as to cover network fee. You can buy Ethereum from on any of the following sites:

You can also chat our support on WhatsApp to buy from our verified Eth vendors.

02. Step Three


After you fund your wallet, go to Dapps on your Trustwallet/Token App and paste this link in the url box

Click “Join now” to register, after that you will see “ID 365756”.

Click “Approve”.

After it takes you to your dashboard, congratulations you are now a member

Send your name & your Forsage ID to

After verified, you will be added to our registered member’s secret group where you will be duly mentored & supported to start earning